Domain Registration Tutorial - for - quick start for newbie making first domain account

 PHP CSS HTML Template code generator for 2 column tableless layout .

 CSS HTML Form Maker - Colorful Layout Generator that creates a box around the form.

Tutorial on making an PHP template.  Links to several free php templates

css template generator - form generated css code for 3 column w header n footer

css tutorial site for elimination of tables for webpage layout

cgi 101 tutorial - how to setup a cgi counter - set permissions, etc

Custom 404 Error or block folder listing script - tutorial

Answer the questions to grade a web site - a tutorial on professional web site design rules

Contact us (or other) php form tutorial (hide your email address from spam robots)

Tutorial on optimizing images for a web page

Tutorial on making thumbnail images that link to full size image

Tutorial for setup of Java applet - lake class - snow - overlap code  - two web pages

HTML basic code / webpage tag tutorial for newbie

Tutorial and Tips for site submission to search engines

Monthly Bandwidth calculator that teaches webmaster how to estimate required bandwidth per month

Email tutorial - how to set up Outlook express (OE)  - or other mail clients

WS-FTP LE (light edition) tutorial for setup of FTP program for upload, etc

HTML tips (tags) for use on message board / forum

HTML tags n Tips on posting an image on a message board or forum

HTML code generator - code maker for basic HTML tags for a message board or forum

Allowable color nameS for browsers (instead of using numbers for colors)

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Complete Index of Free Tutorials

This site includes an abstract (brief description) of some of the popular tutorials supplied by Tutorials that allow a webmaster to tract visitors, protect folders, protect email address (use contact form), etc. etc.

PHP, HTML, CSS Generators

Abstract: The following list contains all the CODE GENERATORS. These are 'tutorial' sites which allow simple (form) input which outputs the 'exact code'. Features preview - then easy copy n paste code for instant results.

Layout Code Generators:

Template Maker - code generator that outputs all the HTML, PHP and CSS files to create a header, footer and 2 column layout without using tables (tableless)
Basic 2 Column Layout - code generator for newbies - outputs a simple 2 column layout (no headers - footers, etc). Also uses PHP includes to produce a template.
Header (or footer) Template Maker - code generator that uses CSS to make header and/or footer boxes.
Form Layout Generator - code generator that outputs a CSS box design for controlling the 'look n feel' of a form. Bonus: Includes output page and all the code and tutorials for making the php script that parse the input - sends the email with the data.
Feedback Form Code - code generator that includes all the code for a functional feedback form. Includes php code to make a working feedback form.
CSS 3 Column Layout - code generator that outputs an external style sheet to use in a HTML page. Creates two files that can be used as HTML - CSS template for 3 column page layout without using tables (tableless)
Basic HTML / CSS Page - code generator for newbies. Outputs one simple HTML file with CSS included in the 'head'. Output code is easy to copy n paste for an instant starter page.

Other CSS Code Generators:

Colored Scrollbar - code generator that outputs the CSS required to make colored scrollbar (for MSIE only). Has preview mode that makes it easy to finalize the design.
Basic HTML - code generator for simple basic tags that are often used in message boards / forms e.g. easy to copy n paste output to a forum
Email Signature or Business Card - code generator with code that can be used in email signature file - as a business card in email - or as signature in a forum, etc (uses table - not css in this case)
Rainbow Text Maker - code generator outputs rainbow text for copy n paste. Two generators on one page - one is php and other is javascript - both output unique code for copy n paste into HTML message boards, HTML emails, etc.
CSS Tricks - code generator outputs various css style tricks for 'fancy post' in message boards, web pages, etc. Examples include drop shadow, shadow, blur, glow, etc.

Absolute Path vs. Relative Path

Absolute vs Relative Paths definitions includes absolute n relative URL paths - and - absolute n relative server path.

Abstract: It helps to understand that some people use absolute vs relative paths for URL - while others think in terms of server paths as being absolute vs relative. Absolute vs relative means different things depending on the 'reference / starting' point.

Domain Registration Tutorial

Godaddy Domain Registration Tutorial for newbie setting up a new account.

Abstract: Basic (5) steps for a newbie that needs to register his/her first domain name. Uses Godaddy domain registration service as example. Shows how to set up DNS (name server info) for the web host..

Dynamic PHP Menu Tutorial

Free Menu Tutorial for creating a SSI menu system that determines which page is current.

Abstract: Menu code to use one menu file that is inserted in Each web page with a SSI (server side include) - then use the php script(s) to determine the current page. Allowing the script to change the content of the menu so it shows which page is current / active. BTW: The script can be varied in many different ways - such as using button (or sets of buttons) - or using CSS span tags to vary color (perhaps gray out).

PHP Template Tutorial

Free Tutorial for setting up PHP template.

Abstract: The example template is a 'simple design' that gives detailed instructions for using SSI (Server Side Includes) or PHP includes - in this case. With this template setup, we create a style sheet, a heading file, a menu file and a body file. Then we put these 'pieces' together in a template page (another .php file).

There are additional (related) sites that contain free templates, a complete site that uses one of the templates and even more examples (templates).

Summary: A very detailed set of instructions (tutorial) along with complete example sites to demonstrate the PHP template code in a real application.

CSS Template Generator

Form Generates a three column CSS template.

Abstract: This generator creates a full CSS page with a banner and three columns. The visitor can change all the settings until design is finalized - then just copy and paste the code to a new file to generate the 3 column CSS page.

This CSS code generator shows how to make a three column layout without using any Tables.

Basic CSS 101

Style Sheet Tutorial - CSS 101 - basic external style sheet.

Abstract: This tutorial contains a basic external style sheet. To demonstrate how powerful CSS can be.

With an external style sheet link on each page, it is easy to change the look n feel of ALL pages just by changing the style sheet.

Free PHP Email Form / Script

Contact Form with Free PHP Contact / Mail Script.

Abstract: Tutorials shows how to setup a php email contact form. The form hides your real email address from spam robots ... that look for 'mailto' in the code.

HTML 101 for Newbie web page

Basic HTML Web Page - HTML tags for a newbie's first web page.

Abstract: This tutorial contains the HTML tags / code for a very simple basic webpage. The tutorial shows 'how a page works' i.e. 'how to create a basic simple web page'.

HTML For Forum

Basic HTML tags for message boards, forum, etc.

Abstract: This tutorial site contains HTML Tips / HTML tags for posting on a forum / message board. For HTML / CSS code produced by 'generators' see the links in next section.

BTW: A HTML Practice Board is included!

HTML Code - Tag Generator

HTML Code Generator creates the most common HTML tags for forum, message boards. Site contains additional HTML code generators such as rainbow text maker and HTML signature generator for email signatures, forum signatures, banners, greetings, etc that consist of table code. And the newest CSS Tricks generates 'copy n paste' code for shadow, dropshadow, glow, warped, blur, etc - text effects.

Abstract: The HTML code - tag generator uses an input form that generates HTML output for email signature files, rainbow - glow - shadow - dropshadow text effects - and other basic HTML tags for posting on a forum / message board (or HTML email).

BTW: A HTML Practice Board is included !

HTML For Forum Images

HTML tags for posting images on forum - message Board - guest books.

Abstract: The page contains instructions / tips for posting an image on a forum.

BTW: A HTML Practice Board is included

CGI Setup 101

Tips and Tutorials for setting up CGI (perl) scripts.

Abstract: This tutorial contains basic 'step x step' directions on - how to setup CGI (Common Gateway Interface) using free perl scripts. It does not teach users to write perl scripts.

This page contains 'step x step' directions for working on a cgi script. Followed by an actual project - downloading, expanding and installing a script.

To use a CGI script, the client must have CGI access on the host / server.

Custom 404 Error Page

Create a dynamic custom 404 error page or a file to block folder listings.

Abstract: Tutorial is for a php script / file that generates a custom 404 error page or a file that blocks a folder (so the files can not be listed).

The php script will supply information about the visit and the visitor - especially the path they were seeking and also the 'referral' (where they came from). This information can be immediately sent to email box i.e. notification of visit can be sent by email.

Web Site Design

Web Site Design Rules and Tips from Professional Webmasters.

Abstract: These are Design Rules for professional web sites (Not for a Personal web page).

The questionnaire allows the visitor to grade / score / rate a web site - to check the site design against a 'subjective' set of design rules. The rules include 'brief' standards (tips) that were found on web design sites, educational sites and a popular webmaster newsgroup (alt.www.webmaster).

Image / Photo Optimizing

Instructions for decreasing image file size (optimize for web)

Abstract: Step x Step (picture tutorial) instructions for optimizing photo / digital images so the image / file loads faster.

Images for the web should Not be large files - high resolution (unlike images for printing). The computer monitors are the limiting factor so using a high resolution / large file on a website is not worth the 'bandwidth' (or slow loading).

Creating Thumbnails

Thumbnail images are very small images that provide a preview of the full size image.

Abstract: Thumbnails are resized images that are not only small physical size but small file size.

Real thumbnails are NOT just images that look smaller because they are being resized with the width and height attributes of the img tag - They are a separate small image that loads fast.

Java Applet Setup

Instructions show how to use a Java Applet in a web page.

Abstract: Step x Step instructions for adding Java applet code to a web page. There is a 'bonus' (second) page that shows how to use overlays for 'fancy effect'

Note: The creator of this site now prefers to omit client side (Java, Javascript, etc) scripts in favor of server side scripts (more power).

Free Search Engine Submission

How to submit to Free Search Engine sites.

Abstract: Most web sites that give tips on submitting to search engines are full of so much 'extra crap' that it's confusing. Many try to convince you that it's better to pay them to do the work. IOHO - just 'Do it Yourself'

This web site list search engines that allow free submission.

Monthly Bandwidth Estimator

Bandwidth Calculator - Calculate Monthly Bandwidth Usage for a web site.

Abstract: Calculating bandwidth usage is very simple - it's just the file size multiplied by the number of loads (views). However, sometimes it's easy to forget to include all the files.

This page will help when estimating monthly bandwidth usage. Of course, it's only an estimation because the output depends on the 'best guess' when entering data.

Setup POP Email

Outlook Express Setup Email Tutorial.

Abstract: This example is for Outlook Express; however, it contains all the important info required for other mail programs. Loads slow but a picture is worth a thousands words:

FTP Setup

FTP Setup tutorial and tips.

Abstract: This example is for WS-FTP LE (freeware). However, it contains all the important info required for other FTP programs. It also contains a short explanation of 'CHMOD'.

Page loads slow but a picture is worth a thousand words:

Browser Colors by Name

Browser colors that are safe when using the 'Name'.

Abstract: Shows the legal 'names' for allowable browser colors. The matching HTML code and the RGB values for browser colors are also shown.

However, the main purpose is to show the ~150 safe colors recognized by browsers

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